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Alison Krauss

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

New Grass (Modern Bluegrass) (folk/country)


Most recent release, Windy City (2017)

See also:

Alison Krauss's site

Wikipedia's entry on Alison Krauss


Alison's voice is unique in that it is soft and frail sounding, yet is very powerful. I cannot think of another artist with similar abilites. Music-wise, pick any Nashville-sound country band and replace the singer. (

Covers/own material:

Many original songs, but the Nashville sound almost guarantees that most will be by professional songwriters, rather than the artist themselves. Also, being rooted in bluegrass and gospel, many traditional pieces are performed and recorded.

General comments:

Alison Krauss has the most amazing voice. Soft, frail almost, and lilting; but powerful and attention-grabbbing. An accomplished fiddle player, signed to Rounder at age 14, she's a multi-Grammy winner and now sought as a producer. She brought New Grass band Nickel Creek to national attention by having them open for her tour and then producing their first album. (

Recommended first album:

Forget About It


  • Too Late to Cry (1987)
  • Two Highways (1989)
  • I've Got That Old Feeling (1990)
  • Every Time You Say Goodbye (1992)
  • Now That I've Found You: A Collection (1995, compilation)
  • So Long, So Wrong (1997)
  • Forget About It (1999)
  • New Favorite (2001)
  • Restless (2004)
  • Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004)
  • A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection (compilation, 2007)
  • Paper Airplane (2011)
  • Windy City (2017)

Now That I've Found You: A Collection

Release info:




Ecto priority:


Group members:

Alison Krauss—fiddle, viola, vocals, harmony vocals

Guest artists:

Larry Atamanuik—drums
Barry Bales—bass, acoustic bass
Russ Barenberg—guitar
Ron Block—banjo, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal
Sam Bush—mandolin
Evelyn Cox—vocals
Sidney Cox—vocals
Suzanne Cox—vocals
Joe Craven—percussion
Jerry Douglas—dobro, guitar
Stuart Duncan—cymbals, fiddle, harp
Tony Furtado—banjo
Mike Harman—vocal
Roy M. "Junior" Husky—acoustic bass
Rob Ickes—dobro
Viktor Krauss—acoustic bass
Kenny Malone—conga, drums
Mike Marshall—guitar
Tom Miller—steel drums, percussion
Scott Nygaard—guitar
Martin Parker—drums
John Pennell—bass
Todd Phillips—bass
Mark Schatz—bass, cymbals
Tim Stafford—guitar
Adam Steffey—mandola, mandolin
Harry Stinson—drums
Brent Truitt—mandolin
Dan Tyminski—vocal, acoustic guitar, vocals
Pete Wasner—piano
Jeff White—vocals, guitar
Glenn Worf—bass

Produced by:

Jerry Douglas, Ken Irwin, Alison Krauss


I'd never heard her music before, and fear it's a bit too country for me. It's still excellently put together and performed, and after a few listens, I've found a handful of songs have won me over. I was surprised at just how traditional it all sounds. I guess I didn't expect someone so young to be so steeped in the older country styles. I was also surprised that there wasn't nearly as much fiery fiddling as I expected. (neal)

I made up a mixed tape of various artists the other day, and leading it off is the Alison Krauss song, "Baby, Now That I've Found You", from her CD of the same name. Alison is essentially a country artist, and the CD is pretty much a "Best of" compilation. I'm not entirely into her work because I'm not too big on country, but I think her cover of this '60s song is brilliant. (

Thanks to Troy Shadbolt for work on this entry.

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