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Submission Guidelines for Artists

The Ectophiles' Guide happily accepts music for review for inclusion on the Guide.

Who might NOT want to send us music?

Please first check over the site and see if you think your music will interest ectophiles. The ectophiles are a group of music lovers (not professional reviewers) with wide-ranging but still particular tastes. The Ecto list is the source of the comments included in The Ectophiles' Guide, and of all our commentators. Ecto was formed to talk about Happy Rhodes in particular and other lesser-known contemporary female experimental pop artists in general.

The Ectophiles' focus is on:

  • female vocals
  • experimental pop

If your music doesn't hit at least one of those two buttons, we will likely have difficulty finding a reviewer for your material, so please save your postage and send your promo copy somewhere more appropriate. We cannot stress this enough: If we cannot find an ectophile interested in your material, we will not review it. If you have any questions about this, see who currently has entries in the Guide and who doesn't, and that will give you an idea of our tastes. Or feel free to contact us and get a second opinion.

Unless you already have a page on The Ectophiles' Guide, please do not send us easy-listening pop, easy-listening folk, New Age music, or male-artist-based folk or rock. We currently do not have reviewers to cover these areas.

OK... now that's out of the way, who might actually want to send us music?

  • Someone brand new who wants to find their audience
  • Someone who is on the alphabetical list of people we will be putting a page up for but it hasn't happened yet and they're tired of waiting
  • Someone with new music they want reviewed or other albums we haven't reviewed
  • Someone we've overlooked and should know about

What will we do with your music?

  • Listen to it, we promise
  • Find an appropriate, sympathetic reviewer
  • Providing we can find the right reviewer for your materials, we will put up a review page here and post a message to the Ecto mailing list to let ectophiles know about you and your music.

So you're interested?

First off, please do NOT subscribe The Ectophiles' Guide or any of its editors or contributors to your email list. With over 600 artists on the site, this too quickly becomes overwhelming.

Please don't expect us to write a review from your web page material. We love music, and want to hear whole songs and whole albums when possible. You can send your cds or tapes for review to:

Neile Graham, Managing Editor
The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music
P.O. Box 30187
Seattle, WA 98113-0187
Feel free to contact us with any questions about our reviewing process, to ask us if you think your music might fit in with The Ectophiles' Guide, or simply to let us know to expect your material.

Please note that we do reserve the right not to review any submitted material.

Artists, please also contact us with any errors of fact in or updates to your entries. We will not, however, change commentators' stated opinions.

If you want to use substantial comments from the Guide in your promotional material, please request permission, though quoting brief, credited comments is considered fair use, and you are certainly free to link to this site in your own home pages.

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